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Diode, bridge, we focus on 20 years! 简体中文

Patch rectifying tube
Patch fast recovery tube
Patch high frequency tube
Patch super fast recovery tube
Patch Schottky diode
LOW VF Patch Schottky diode
Patch high junction Wan Schottky diode

  Rectilinear rectifying tube
Quick recovery tube
High frequency tube
Ultra fast recovery tube
Straight cut Schottky diode
LOW VF Straight cut Schottky diode
High junction temperature Schottky diode
  Mini Rectifying bridge pile
Quick recovery of bridge pile
High frequency bridge pile
Super fast recovery bridge pile
Schottky bridge pile
2A-50A High power bridge pile
  Switch tube
Steady pressure tube
TVS transient suppression tube
Photovoltaic diode
Chip crystal element
New arrival:SMAS
The boxer process has better heat dissipation, the size is similar to SMA can completely replace SMA (frame) products

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